Top 5 posts for 2018 on Listening to the Past

As we near the end of 2018, it’s time to reveal the five most-read posts for 2018:

In fifth place:

Mournful crows, burning legs on metal slides, and other memories of summer

Oral history interviewees recalled the effects of the extreme heat of summer in Woomera on roads, play equipment and crows.

In fourth place:

‘Living fossils’ in the desert

The salt lakes around Woomera are usually dry, but on the rare occasions when it rains, they come to life with ancient-looking creatures called shield shrimps or tadpole shrimps .

In third place:

Father Christmas always arrives in a helicopter

Oral history interviewees recall Father Christmas arriving in an Alouette helicopter on the school oval in Woomera.

In second place:

Choosing suitable audio equipment for oral history interviews: perspectives of an audio engineer

In this post, the audio engineer at the State Library of South Australia explained what equipment to use for excellent quality oral history recordings, and what to avoid and why.

And drum roll….

The most popular post for 2018 was:

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